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 The Bebka Aunt Nancy Page 



 Hippos and Bees 


hippoand potomusesbees

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Nancy and Brothers 2014 Christmas Video


 OHIO Bebka Gatherings 


It was a fabulous reunion at Country Buffet on December 28, 2007.  It was "be there or be square," so if you didn't make it--you are way square.  Hope to see you there next time so you can unsquare yourselves.


Aunt Nellie and Aunt Angie

Aunt Nellie and Aunt Angie:  2 of the big 3 in the Hovanic/Maggiano family.


Nancy and  Bobbie and


Aunt Nellie gives the Italian eye to a misbehaving relative (Beverly!)


Bart always said I was adopted and here is the proof we just found at Mom's house this Christmas (2007)--a picture of my "real" family.  We were all amazed.
Uncle Adrian Bebka lunch
Bobbie and

Uncle Michael--92 years old and better looking than ever

 Uncle Adrian--the other member of the big 3.

We were an international group:  Canada and that separate country some call Cleveland.

 Starr Mountain Woman 

All dressed up for walking past the killer dog zone:


Standard war gear


Peek-a-Boo! (This is the 3rd year in a row for these guys & gals, two litters per year!)

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The nest is on top of a bug light hanging from the ceiling on the back porch.


The nest keeps getting taller with each litter. It's about 9 inches high, so far.


 Christmas 2014 


Nancy is the champion tree picker-decorator.