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Ask for Bebka Nancy or Uncle Ron, PO Box 406, Etowah, TN 37331

The CMS program is located at: Area Editor dot Com 
*Content Management System

 The Bebka Bonnie Page 


Do not put images here that are larger than about 450 pixels or they will break the whole page layout and make it look goofy.


You can click on the AE icon to go to the basic instructions on the admin page (same loggin required).


When logged into the CMS use the icon-buttons in the edit bar at the top to manage your file/image uploads. You'll want to do that to get those files into your on-line storage before doing the 'click to edit' tricks.  The 'close' icons will navigate you out of what you're into (that'll make sense when you're doing 'stuff').

It won't hurt to just click on icons to see what they do. Some make what you've selected also 'go away' like the folder icon in the top bar.

The main thing is to not worry. There isn't anything you can mess up that Uncle Ron can't fix (I hope).



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