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This was my best snow fort ever. 


My dad piled up a big snow pile, then I pushed it down, dug inside, and voila, I'm looking out the window (ps, there's a roof on it). 


When my friend Brian came over, he helped be build a wall that was up to my neck.  Then he got an idea to build a jail, so we dug out snow bricks, stacked them up and made a jail. 


I got the idea of making a lounge.  So we made it and found out that the jail was the comfyest part of the fort. 


And now I have a snowman who is covered up to his head in snow instead of this fort.




David, I told you our family had a website,  Ha Ha Ha

Hi, Phillip,   Hope you keep going with karate, it's really fun.  and Ryan I didn't see you on Saturday, where were you?!