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Cousin Mary Reunion

Visiting Cousin Mary in Sarasota - June 25-26, 2004

Once upon a hot and sunny day on the Gulf....


At Julie's Friday night before the big dinner on Siesta Key. The laughs and the beach at night were the best.

2 babes

An unguarded moment at Chi Chi's.

Lunch at St. Armand's circle with Julie and her sister, Barbara.

Mary--you are lookin good.

Rachel--that drink looks about as big as you.

Hey Dan (and Carmen)--next time bring your surfboard and get on down here!

A hug before we part ways--Bart and Bonnie to the Keys, Nancy and Ron to the other FL. coast, Julie to Ohio and Mary and Rachel back home to Dan, Carmen and Oregon.

Mary, as you end your letters--you can hear happiness, right?

Hey Bart--I want mine and I want yours too!

At Scoop Daddy's some of us ate too much ice cream and couldn't stand up.

Mary can see you, Bart--and she doesn't approve. Time out for you.

3 babes

The candidate for FL. House of Representatives and a voter he can count on.

2 more babes.
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