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Etowah, TN


Downloading the big pics may take a while.

New Blue

Me, too!

Came in a group of 6

Red breasted sap sucker..or something.

I'm a Baby Pecker
and I'm mean!

We're Twins!

Change sides!

Large pidgeon?

These guys are hard to get in a pic.
They are bright blue on top.

Talk about camoflage!

Mystery bird
Looks like Cardinal, but it's huge!
At least 12" long

Golden Finch
He and mate will sit
for hours eating

Oh, yeah?
Mind your own business!

Skittish whatsit glutton

This is HumBug
No-one eats at his feeder!

HumBug's feeder

Last of the 2006 hummers
That is a 3" pully

Leaf stem fits hummer grip

It spooked Nancy.

The big picture

He says "oh, yeah?"


Looks like a cardinal, sounds like a cat-bird

Comin' and goin'

Fat Robin


What're you lookin' at?

A new species showed up.

They all come in pairs.

Mean Woody

I just took one!

It took a while to get this one.
This is the female.
The male is huge (too big for the feeder)!
Happy New Year!

New type. Darth Vaider

New type. Sings a lot.
Note the new leaves (3/28/7).

Catching its breath.

He's really shy!
He and spouse eat at the feeder now, though.

Chip, the bird watcher.
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